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Excellence in building knowledge, effective project-management and over 18 years of hands-on construction experience means that J Parratt Builders repair, renovate and build homes and businesses across Christchurch safely, efficiently and to an extremely high standard. This Christchurch building company has extensive experience in heavy construction techniques, concrete work and primary structures, as well as cladding systems and repairs to leaky homes.

J Parratt Builders is an licensed building practitioner, an accredited EQ builder and holds a Site2 licence allowing the supervision of all trades and capable of working in any size building (either residential or commercial).

Building Services

Their building services include:

Rebuilding Christchurch

The company's focus is primarily on rebuilding Christchurch - through repairing earthquake-damaged houses and commercial properties, renovating existing buildings and building new homes and businesses.

Earthquake Repairs

J Parratt Builders will work in tandem with your insurance company and take care project management as well as your building works, plus:

  • Co-ordinating uninsured works to tie in with your EQ repairs
  • Ensuring works are carried out to the highest professional standards, including those of health and safety
  • Taking care that building work causes minimal disruption and your property is treated with respect.

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Contact J Parratt Builders

For more information about the building services offered by J Parratt Builders, please contact building company owner, Jeremy Parratt.

It was always a personal and professional pleasure to have Jeremy on board with our large-scale construction projects in Christchurch. His knowledge of the building trade, his execution of plans and effective and efficient management of on-site work was always exemplary...
Licensed Building Practitioner

"Professional building services in Christchurch from an experienced team of builders and construction contractors."

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