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Founded by Jeremy Parratt in 2011, J Parratt Builders Ltd was established primarily to take an active role in rebuilding Christchurch following earthquake damage sustained throughout the city to homes and businesses.

Jeremy's experience in the building trade gives him the knowledge, relationships with sub-contractors, suppliers and industry advisors, the essential project management and people skills required.

Builder Licensing

J Parratt Builders is an licensed building practitioner and holds a Site2 licence which allows the supervision of all trades in any sized building (for any use). The company is accredited with the EQC (Earthquake Commission) for building repairs and construction work. This accreditation is based on building licensing, trade history and business sustainability.

Building Experience & Practice

Jeremy Parratt has over 18 years in the commercial and residential building industry, including over seven years as a construction company's site manager. Jeremy uses his own name for his building company as he is proud to stand by his work and his working practices which include:

  • Extensive experience in heavy construction techniques, concrete work and primary structures
  • Experience with a variety of cladding systems over drained cavities including repairs to leaky homes
  • Bringing innovative solutions to integrate current regulations with buildings' existing conditions
  • High standards in all aspects of workmanship including attention to detail with the same expectations of employees and subcontractors
  • Use of reliable plant equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained
  • Adherence to safe work practices including current health and safety policies
  • Employing only trade qualified builders.

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Site Safe Member
J Parratt Builders Ltd is a member of Site Safe. Site Safe is a not-for-profit building industry organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of health and safety to prevent deaths and injuries across New Zealand's construction and related industries

"By taking on building projects, both big and small - Parratt Builders is helping to rebuild Christchurch from the ground up."

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