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Health & Safety Practises

At J Parratt Builders, health and safety is regarded with the utmost importance. With careful planning our goal is to achieve zero harm on our worksites.

We will:

  • Ensure leadership
    We ensure all persons holding leadership roles are competent and responsible in all aspects of health and safety and demonstrate a highly visible level of commitment.
  • Encourage participation
    We encourage participation from staff and others involved with our projects to contribute to health and safety with the aim of continually improving our practices, procedures and performance.


We comply with relevant health and safety legislation, regulations and codes of practice.


We provide appropriate training to:

  • ensure people are competent in their methods of carrying out tasks and using equipment
  • make sure people are aware of their actions to avoid harm to themselves, others or property.

We take all practicable steps to eliminate injury by identifying and controlling work place hazards by:

  • Eliminating hazards
  • Isolating the hazard
  • Minimising the risk

With a site specific safety plan for each site and implementing a task analysis approach we aim to prevent harm to anybody working on or visiting our worksites along with weekly site safety inspections. We report and investigate all accidents and near misses and take appropriate action.

Code of Conduct

We ensure all staff and anybody engaged by J Parratt Builders are tidy, punctual and behave in a courteous manner. We do not allow a person on a site under our control who is impaired by drugs, alcohol or in a condition not fit for work.

Licensed Building Practitioner

"Commitment to health and safety building practises from J Parratt Builders Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand."

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