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Earthquake Repairs

Rebuilding Christchurch & Canterbury

Following earthquake damage to much of Christchurch's infrastructure and buildings, several building and construction companies were given the task of overseeing the programme of rebuilding and repair. J Parratt Builders Ltd is accredited with four of these:

  • Fletcher Construction - This company is operating as the agent for EQC (Earthquake Commission) and operates the repair programme.
  • Southern Response - A government owned company responsible for settling insurance claims by AMI policy holders for Canterbury earthquake damage before 5th April 2012.

Accreditation is based on builder licencing, trader history and business sustainability.

Earthquake Repairs

You can contact J Parratt Builders to get your earthquake repairs underway. Their team will guide you through the paperwork and ensure that your home or business is repaired as quickly as possibly with minimum disruption to you and your family. Various categories of repair work can be undertaken including:

  • Full-scope repairs where a range of work is carried out to fix all the earthquake damage
  • Accredited builders, such as J Parratt Builders can also repair earthquake damage in properties which may not be outlined in EQC assessments, if found during work. For more information on earthquake repairs, please refer to Fletchers website.

Your Earthquake Repairs

Contact Jeremy to discuss your earthquake repairs.

Earthquake Repairs

"Accredited EQC contractor, J Parratt Builders can undertake your home or business earthquake repairs and ensure a safe, professional job."

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